Yoga Health Benefits

Through the physical practice of Yoga asana (postures) and pranayama (breath control) and relaxation, a person's emotional wellbeing and physical health can be improved.

Adopting a regular yoga practice may help you deal more effectively with stressful situations, lessen anxiety levels and increase your energy levels.

Physically, over time, improvement in flexibility, strength and balance will be noticed.

Each class I teach includes a variety of postures including:

•  Sequencing such as Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) which warm the body up, help you focus and move with your breath.

•  Standing postures which are great for building stamina as the postures are held for minutes at a time.

•  Forward bends are calming and good for increasing flexibility.

•  Twisting postures nourish your spine. As they say in India 'you are as old as your spine' so keeping a healthy spine is a necessity. We obviously depend on it for most of our daily activities and practicing yoga can help the spine stay supple and flexible.

•  Backbends are great counter postures for all the forward bending we do in our daily life such as when driving or sitting at a computer. They also provide you with feelings of happiness as the heart centre opens, uplifting your mood.

•  Inversions have a huge range of benefits which result in you feeling clearer minded and calmer.

•  Pranayama, breathing techniques. ' Prana' is found in our breath , in Sanskrit it means universal life force or vital energy that surrounds us, the act of inhaling and exhaling can help us connect with the world and calm both body and mind, and help reduce stress and anxiety.

•  Relaxation, the practice of Savasana, allows us to be totally still in our body and mind.